Why Do Hair Extensions Tangle

Why Do Hair Extensions Tangle

23 May, 2023

Why Do Hair Extensions Tangle

About the hair extension tangle . Here's some information you might need to know :

Hair extensions, no matter what kind of their material, are all made to look like natural hair—and tangling is, unfortunately, only a normal consequence of regular usage. Just like human hair, they can get tangled at any time.


Hair extensions gets tangled, due to hair extensions losing their natural oils or becoming dry and frizzy, making them troublesome to manage. The more you use and style it, the higher the chance for it to get worn out over time. Also several reasons can contribute to hair extensions matting at the roots, such as an incorrect hair extension fitting, failure to secure hair extensions while sleeping, not thoroughly drying out wet hair extensions, or non-fulfillment of the separation of bonds regularly. Additionally, damage due to complying with an incorrect aftercare routine or products is also ranked as one of its top causes.

Here are some things you can do,basically same as how to treat human hair products :

1: Always Keep the Hair Moisturized

Keep in mind that hair extensions are not real hair. They cannot provide natural hydration to each strand—which is why you should take the time to keep it nourished!


Make sure you have a lightweight oil, or water-based hair serum at home. Apply to mid-shaft of your hair down to the ends of your hair at least once a week. Then brush it right after to ensure equal distribution of the product.


2: Choose the Right Hair Products

What you use in your natural hair and in washing your hair extensions could also affect its quality. Make sure that you choose products that are specially formulated for dry and damaged hair. That could help keep each strand of hair healthier and more moisturized.



Use a suitable hair extension brush that is gentle enough not to cause any hair breakage. It’s best to use a wide-tooth comb when brushing out wet hair extensions. Wet hair is weaker, more brittle, which is why going through with a detangler will help you get rid of any big knots minus the damage. Try to stay away from backcombing as the technique deliberately roughens up the cuticle. Remember, the longer you tend to leave in matted hair extensions, the more challenging and damaging they will be to fix.



Your hair extensions must be dried out thoroughly before you head to sleep, especially in the region surrounding the nape of the neck. It’s best to braid your hair extensions before bed to avoid tangling.

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