How to Customize a Men Hair System?

How to Customize a Men Hair System?

19 May, 2023

Some customers like to order the stock toupee, while some customers prefer to customize the men hair systems for their clients which can match very well. Below some tips for how to customize a men hair toupee from Eminent Hair.

To customize a hair toupee, here are some main information needed


Base Construction

It’s the important item to make a new toupee. We also customize various base designs, such as lace, mono ,silk top, skin and their combination. Lace base is very breathable and better for customers who do lots of sports. French lace is more invisible and soft, and the Korean Lace is more strong and also very natural. While for a natural look, our skin base is a perfect choice, such as the V loop is undetectable without knots. 


Hair Type and Color

We offer a range of qualities and fashionable colors to suit the requirements. Most of hair is Indian Remy hair that’s soft and natural. There are also Chinese hair and European hair available.


Hair Curl/Wave Patterns

We can make different hair texture from straight to tight afro.


Hair Density

The hair we can make ranges from extra light to extra heavy.


Base Size:

Getting the correct size is important. You can send us your size or send us your client's template to copy it exactly.

We do lots of customer orders for many years, and we also have the professional order form. Welcome to contact us to make the systems for your clients.

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